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The Kocher Method

The Kocher Method (TKM)


The Kocher Method is the most effective way to teach K-9 teams to track persons in heavy contaminated urban environments even days after the event took place.

There is no other known method to track individuals under such difficult conditions - that is why the method is spreading all over the world.

The Kocher Method is invaluable to the Police, Border Guards, Fire and Rescue Departments, and Search and Rescue organizations.


Training must always be fun for the dog. Training must always end on a happy, successful note. The most important thing a dog’s handler has to do is to keep the dog motivated. The dog learns from the beginning that mantrailing is a fun game, and that he will be rewarded with a food treat or a toy and lots of attention and praise when he successfully locates his prey and that he and the handler work together, as a team, to find other people.

Starting ritual is important – the handler puts the dog in harness only when the team is ready to start a trail, and remove the harness immediately upon competition of the trail. The dog learns from the beginning to associate the starting command with the scent on the scent article, and the scent trail the dog is to follow. The dog learns from the beginning that the harness is the “switch” that turns his trailing mode on and off, and signals when he is to “play the game” and when the “game” is over.

Dogs are trained on busy city streets from the very beginning what allows them an easy transition to less polluted nature environments, like forests and suburbs.

The method teaches how to recognize and catalog negative indications all trailing dogs show when following a trail. The objective of a handler is to create imaginary trail map in his head. Read more about negative indications (сюда этот линк

The method contains the set of exercises, that is the foundation for all future maintrailing work (The Intensity Trail ᵀᴷᴹ, The Delayed Intensity Trailᵀᴷᴹ, Scent Article Intensityᵀᴷᴹ, etc.) - it is.

About the Author

Mr. Kevin John Kocher was a Deputy Sheriff and dog handler for the Spotsylvania, Virginia Sheriff’s Office. He trained and handled dogs for that agency for almost 20 years until multiple sclerosis forced him to retire in 2008.

Mr. Kocher has founded INBTI ( and

and with help of his wife Robin, active Sheriff’s Office detective wrote a book “How to Train a Police Bloodhound and Scent Discriminating Patrol Dog”( ( This book describes Mr. Kocher unique training method – The Kocher Method (TKM). It made a revolution in K-9 training and has now been published in many languages including English, German, Russian, Spanish, etc.

At this moment Mr. Kocher as the President of the INBTI devotes all his time to teaching other dog handlers all around the world, unselfishly sharing his unique knowledge and experience.

Mr. Kocher is credited with saving hundreds of lives and placing hundreds of criminals behind the bars not only in his work in the field with his canines, but more importantly, in the knowledge that he has imparted to dog teams worldwide.

This is what Mr. Kocher was saying in one of his interview:

“…This has reached places I’ve never even dreamed of. It’s amazing when someone contacts me and says, ‘You taught me this, and someone I taught just saved a life.’ You can’t put a dollar figure on that”.